Taliban to the US: ‘We Are Ready to Compromise, but Release Our Assets’

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – The first economic meeting of the Taliban was held at the Presidential Palace with the presence of a representative of the United Nations today (Wednesday, January 19).

The Taliban’s acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi called on the UN to release Afghanistan’s assets, and they are ready to negotiate on all issues.

In addition, the Taliban foreign minister also said that they had taken important steps to connect Afghanistan regionally and to establish Afghanistan-centric economic relations with other countries.

“We call on the UN to release Afghanistan’s assets and we are ready to discuss all issues,” he added.

The Taliban acting government has established good relations with the world and they seek to maintain relations based on a balanced policy with the world, Muttaqi stressed.

On the other hand, Deborah Lyons, the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan, said at the meeting that the UN is continuing negotiations to release Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves and he hopes they could reach a conclusion.

However, he stressed that the problems caused by the freezing of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves should be resolved as a result of joint efforts by the public and private sectors.

The UN representative for Afghanistan also stated that he has raised his voice to lift sanctions against the Taliban-acting government.

The UN is working to pay the salaries of the Afghan doctors and the disabled, he added.

“Economic problems in Afghanistan must be resolved in the long period of time,” he said, referring to talks with the Taliban prime minister to resolve long-term economic problems.

The UN Special Representative for Afghanistan emphasizes that the assistance provided to the people of Afghanistan is insufficient and should be increased.

On the other hand, the Taliban prime minister by criticizing the process of aid delivery by aid agencies added: “Agencies claiming to be human rights defenders have caused a humanitarian crisis by freezing Afghanistan’s assets.”

However, he stressed that nothing had been done to strengthen infrastructure in Afghanistan in recent years and that basic assistance should continue until Afghanistan becomes self-sustained.

Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi has called on the US to release Afghanistan’s assets while Biden’s government has said the Taliban must form an inclusive government that recognizes human rights, especially the rights of women, girls and to fight against terrorism.