Taliban Put Pressure on Ex-Diplomats to Retake Embassies: FP

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – Taliban are putting pressure on former government diplomats to retake Afghanistan’s embassies, Foreign Policy reported.

“The Taliban are widely using surprise diplomatic appointments and threats of violence as a first step towards recognition,” the current and ex-Afghan officials told FP on (Tuesday, January 11).

According to FP, the Taliban acting government has introduced new diplomats for the Afghan embassies in Iran and China in the past few weeks while it is not clear whether these newly hired people are accepted by those countries or not.

The media cited the resignation of Javid Ahmad Qaim, the former Afghan ambassador to China, who announced his resignation in a note as an example of pressure on former Afghan diplomats. In addition, the Taliban have appointed the First Secretary of the embassy instead of a former Afghan diplomat, Mohiuddin Sadat.

The move comes as China’s efforts to expand its diplomatic and economic influence in Central Asia, according to the FP report.

“China certainly contacted the Taliban even before they came to power. Not surprisingly, the Taliban are trying to close ties with China. They want the Chinese to invest and help first,” said Lisa Curtis, a former senior NSC official during the Trump administration to FP.

Moreover, many former US government officials have stated that most Afghan diplomats are currently in a state of uncertainty, and the fate of a number of diplomats depends on time because once the money runs out, the embassies will not be able to operate.

Since the fall of the regime, the Taliban have sought to gain control of these diplomatic posts by recruiting new diplomats to Afghan embassies.