Pakistan Wants to Act as Bridge Between US and China

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said he wants to act as a bridge between the United States and China, adding his country has good relations with the US and a firm brotherhood with China.

“Pakistan wants to play the role of the 1970s,” Imran Khan said. “When Pakistan was involved in bringing the US and China together.”

Moreover, he called Pakistan’s historic role essential in easing tensions and building ties between the two powerful countries, stressing the world is not ready for another Cold War between the two formidable powers.

“The famous meeting of the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was organized by Pakistan, so we hope to play that role,” he said.

Furthermore, the Pakistani Prime Minister has expressed hope that the US and China will not escalate tensions.

According to Imran Khan, Pakistan does not want to be in a situation where it has to choose between the two countries.

Meanwhile, in recent years, economic competition between the US and China has intensified, which has led to the deterioration of bilateral relations.