Dispute Over Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the UN

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – Following the resignation of Ghulam Mohammad Ishaqzai from his post and the replacement of Nasir Ahmad Fayek, the UN has announced that Mohammad Wali Naeemi will work as Afghanistan’s envoy to the UN.A statement from the office, released today (Wednesday) that the appointment letter of Mohammad Wali Naeemi as the permanent representative of Afghanistan to the UN has been sent to the United Nations Secretary-General’s Office by Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the former Foreign Minister of the previous regime.According to the UN, Wali Naeemi has formally assumed the post.The office, meanwhile, has described the new changes in line with UN administrative standards, calling the recent remarks and speculation about the controversy over the post of the office as baseless.The statement said, “Addressing useless and irresponsible remarks and accusations of forging the seal of representation by the media and social media are pouring water into the enemy’s mill.”In the meantime, the rumors of controversy over Afghanistan’s post at the UN were raised following the resignation of Ghulam Mohammad Ishaqzai, Afghanistan’s former representative to the United Nations, and numerous people said the seal of the mission had been forged.Meanwhile, Nasir Ahmad Fayeq had previously tweeted that these attempts to remove him from this position were a conspiracy.