One Killed, Four Wounded in Clashes Among Taliban Militants in Faryab

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

A Taliban member has been killed and, three others, including one civilian, were wounded in clashes among Taliban fighters from Uzbek and Pashtun communities in Faryab.

Local Taliban officials in Faryab province have said that the incident took place on Friday morning due to an internal rift between Taliban forces in Maimana, the capital city of Faryab province.

According to sources, a civilian has also been injured during the clash.

Officials at the Provincial Hospital in Faryab have confirmed that one dead and four injured, including a civilian, have been transferred to the hospital.

According to sources, the dead is a Taliban fighter from Pashtun ethnicity.

The situation in Maimana is said to be entirely critical and, security belts around the city are under the control of Uzbek forces.

Local sources added that Pashtun forces are not seen in the city.

The people of Faryab province protested over the arrest of Makhdoom Alam Rabbani, a Taliban commander from Uzbek community, which led to an armed clash among Taliban fighters in Faryab.