More Than 100 Former Soldiers Killed by the Current Regime: UN

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that since the new government took office in Afghanistan, the UN has received credible allegations that more than 100 former members of the government have been killed including, former security forces and individuals who had collaborated with the international forces.

However, the new government says the report of the UN Secretary-General is incorrect.

On the other hand, the deputy spokesman for the Prime Minister Inamullah Samangani said, “After the general amnesty, no one is allowed to harm anyone else.”

In addition, Samangani added that if someone is harmed as a result of personal revenge, they will investigate and punish the perpetrators.

However, the UN Secretary-General said that despite the amnesty more than two-thirds of the victims had been killed as a result of illegal killings.

According to Guterres’s report to the UN Security Council, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has received credible allegations of the illegal killing of at least 50 suspected (ISKP) members.

Moreover, Guterres added that despite the citadel’s assurances, the US has received serious reports of enforced disappearances and other crimes affecting the right to life and physical integrity of former government members and coalition forces.

Furthermore, he said human rights activists and journalists continued to face attacks, intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrests, ill-treatment, and death”.

According to him, two journalists were killed, one by (ISKP) and the other by unidentified gunmen.

The UN missions have reported 44 cases of temporary detention, beatings, threats, and intimidation, 42 of which have just been done recently, according to Guterres.

In the meantime, Antonio Guterres said the situation in Afghanistan over the past six months remained dangerous and uncertain.

Guterres stressed that several political, social, economic, and humanitarian shocks have resonated across the country.

Moreover, the UN Secretary-General stated that Afghanistan is currently struggling with a humanitarian crisis, a major economic collapse, paralysis of the banking and financial systems, the worst drought in 27 years, and the failure to form an inclusive government.

In the meantime, Antonio Guterres said that by March 2022, about 22.8 million people are expected to remain at critical or emergency levels of food insecurity.

According to him, nearly 9 million of them will face emergency levels of food insecurity.

Finally, he added that acute malnutrition affects half of the children under the age of five.