India coronavirus: Patients stranded as Delhi struggles with Covid

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

he chief minister of India’s capital Delhi has said that state hospitals will now be reserved only for residents of the city.

Arvind Kejriwal’s announcement came amid allegations that hospitals are refusing to admit new patients.

Delhi has witnessed a surge of infections in recent days. It currently has 27,000 cases with 761 deaths.

India has a total of 256,611 confirmed Covid-19 cases, the fifth-highest number in the world.

A five-member expert committee comprising top doctors told local reporters that Delhi could record 100,000 Covid-19 cases by the end of June if we follow the trend we are looking at, which “suggests that the cases are getting doubled every 14-15 days”.

The news comes even as India has taken steps to further relax its stringent lockdown – malls, restaurants, temples and offices are open from Monday.

What are Delhi residents saying?

There have been a number of reports that people with Covid-like symptoms are being turned away from hospitals in the capital.

One report on local news site Scroll detailed the experience of one man who drove his mother to four hospitals, but was turned away from all of them.

Many others have tweeted about their own experiences trying to get help for family members.Skip Twitter post by @amar_hrhelpdeskAmarpreet@amar_hrhelpdesk

He is no more. The govt failed us. …Amarpreet@amar_hrhelpdeskMy dad is having high fever. We need to shift him to hospital. I am standing outside LNJP Delhi & they are not taking him in. He is having corona, high fever and breathing problem. He won’t survive without help. Pls help.26.2KTwitter Ads info and privacy16.8K people are talking about thisReport

End of Twitter post by @amar_hrhelpdeskSkip Twitter post by @logickahanhaiMukul Saxena@logickahanhaiReplying to @logickahanhai

011 2230 2441/7135/7145 ;none of them are working. There is no way to book at test at home and ystrdsy i took hr to several hspitals where there were no testing kits and pvt hospitals like max, apollo would not give her admission without positive test & did not hv test kits (2/n)188Twitter Ads info and privacy116 people are talking about thisReport

End of Twitter post by @logickahanhai

The Delhi government’s smartphone app to track available hospital beds has also added to the confusion.

The app showed vacancies at several city hospitals which then told news channel NDTV that they actually did not have any space for new patients.

What has the Delhi government said?

Mr Kejriwal reacted by accusing hospitals of profiteering.

“We will not tolerate this mischief. Give us a few days. We are at it. I am warning those who think they can do black marketing of beds. We will not spare you,” he said on Saturday.

A day later, he announced beds would be reserved for residents of the city.

A medical worker brings out a patient report at a Delhi hospital

“We have decided that the 10,000 beds under the Delhi government will be kept for residents,” he said. However, hospitals under the federal government will be available to patients from other states as well.

Shortly after, on Sunday evening, the state government released a set of documents that a person would have to provide in order to be treated at state facilities. These include voter ID cards, and electricity, water or telephone bills among others.

Mr Kejriwal added that Delhi would not open hotels and banquet halls on Monday, as they could be “converted into hospitals if the need arises”.

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