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A thousand days have passed since one and a half million Afghan girls were excluded from school

هزار روز از محرومیت یک و نیم میلیون دختر افغان از مکتب می گذرد

It has been a thousand days or three billion hours since schools closed to girls above sixth grade. The United Nations Children’s Fund has declared that this issue is a clear violation of girls’ educational rights. This organization said in a statement on Thursday, the 24th of Gemini, that restricting girls’ access to education (university and school) causes numerous mental and emotional problems and intensifies the humanitarian crisis. UNICEF has said that the education rights of the girls have been taken away as political hostages.

Closing the doors of schools and universities to girls in Afghanistan has been met with widespread condemnation inside and outside the country, but so far, there have been no results. Taliban officials have always said that they are waiting for the reforms of educational institutions, but they are never against the education of girls.

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