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Jake Sullivan announced Israel’s agreement to establish a ceasefire in Gaza

جیک سالیوان، از موافقت اسرائیل با برقراری آتش‌بس در غزه خبر داد

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced on Thursday, 24th of June, that Israel supports the proposal of a ceasefire in the eight-month war in Gaza and reaching an agreement with Hamas.

“The world should encourage Hamas to accept this offer and avoid a stalemate,” Sullivan said at the Group of Seven summit in southern Italy.

Changes proposed by HamasSullivan previously said that the changes proposed by Hamas in the three-phase ceasefire plan are very minor. He added that America is trying to fill these gaps with the cooperation of Egypt and Qatar. Sullivan considered some of Hamas’ proposals as “anticipated”.

A senior Hamas official told Reuters that the changes requested by Hamas in the US ceasefire proposal are partial and include the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. Hamas also wants the implementation of three stages related to the ceasefire plan, which includes the reconstruction of Gaza, the lifting of the blockade, the opening of border crossings and the possibility of moving people and transporting goods, without restrictions.

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