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The US government warned Israel against Iran’s intervention in the event of a war with Hezbollah

دولت آمریکا به اسرائیل از مداخله ایران در صورت گسترش جنگ با حزب الله هشدار داد.

The Israeli army announced on Thursday, 24th of Juza, that the country’s fighters bombed a large number of buildings used by Hezbollah in “Eita al-Shaab” in southern Lebanon.The Israel Times wrote that the army also bombed other Hezbollah infrastructures in Einata.

The military announced that the alarm was sounded this morning in the settlements of northern Israel due to the interception of a false target.The “Axios” website quoted American officials as saying that the Biden administration is deeply concerned about the escalation of violence between Israel and Hezbollah in recent days due to an all-out war.

According to the “Axius” report, Joe Biden’s government has warned Israel in recent weeks about the idea of ​​a “limited war” in Lebanon and has said that this means the possibility of intervention by Iran and Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni armed groups. He is loyal to Iran.

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