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Local Taliban officials whipped dozens of people in Sarpul province in northern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the 15th of June.

مقام‌های محلی طالبان ده‌ها تن را در ولایت سرپل در شمال افغانستان به روز سه‌شنبه ۱۵ جوزا شلاق زدند

The Supreme Court of the Taliban government announced the implementation of the Ta’ziri sentence on 63 men and women in Sarpul province.

In an announcement published on the WhatsApp channel of the Supreme Court of the Taliban government, it is stated that this sentence was executed on 48 men and 15 women at the Sarpol Sports Stadium in the presence of the governor and other officials.In the announcement, it is also said that these people were punished for “theft, embezzlement and other immoral crimes”.Human rights supporters have severely criticized these punishments of the Taliban.

During the first period of their rule in the second half of the 90s, the Taliban applied the same punishment to the people they considered guilty.

In the past two decades, when the Taliban were engaged in war against foreign soldiers and the forces of the former republic, they implemented such laws in the areas under their control. But applying this punishment at once to dozens of people in Sarpol has been called low precedent.

The United Nations has asked the Taliban for years to stop flogging and execution.

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