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Ghor: Local sources in Ghor say that unknown gunmen have killed a Taliban military official in this province and wounded another fighter of this group.

غور: منابع محلی در غور می‌گویند که تفنگ‌داران ناشناس یک مقام نظامی طالبان در این ولایت کشته و یک جنگ‌جوی دیگر این گروه را زخمی کرده‌اند.

Sources say that unknown gunmen shot and wounded 13 Joza, Molhassan, the commander of Tuli Dalutiyar and one of his companions after the attack on Sunday.According to the sources, this incident happened in “Kotel Shiniyeh” area when this Taliban military official was moving from Firouzkoh, the center of Ghor province, to Dalutiyar district.So far, it is not clear by which group this Taliban official was killed.The Taliban in Ghor have not said anything about this.Meanwhile, unknown gunmen killed Seyed Noor Mohammad Qatal, the director of intelligence of the Taliban security command in Ghor today.

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