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Floods killed one person and destroyed 40 houses in three provinces

سیلاب در سه ولایت جان یک تن را گرفت و ۴۰ خانه را تخریب کرد

Local sources in Ghor, Helmand and Uruzgan say that one person died and 40 houses were destroyed due to the flood in these provinces.

Sources from Ghor on Wednesday, 8 Hamal say that the flood in this province took the life of a young girl.This girl died in Gharak area of Al-Farooq district of Ghor province.

On the other hand, the residents of Tiure Ghor district also say that tens of acres of agricultural land and transportation roads of this district have been destroyed due to the flood.

Meanwhile, sources from Helmand say that the flood destroyed 25 houses in this province and caused a loss of 1 million Afghanis to its residents.

The flood in Uruzgan has also destroyed 15 houses, and there are no details of more damage.

This is despite the fact that two people, including a child, died yesterday as a result of the house wall collapsing and flooding in Balamarghab district of Badghis.

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