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Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the attack on the concert hall in Moscow is a terrible act by Kiev

ولادیمیر پوتین، رئیس جمهور روسیه می‌گوید حمله به سالن کنسرت در مسکو اقدام وحشت‌انگیز از جانب کیف است

Putin said on Monday, August 6: “This attack is the work of radical Islamists.

” Followers of the same ideology that the Islamic world has fought against for centuries.

He added that “the US and the Western media are trying to justify that their intelligence data shows that Ukraine was not involved in this attack.

But Putin says, “The question is, who benefits from an attack in Moscow?”He emphasized that “this atrocity is related to the set of actions of neo-Nazism in Kiev, which have been at war against our country since 2014.

“Gunmen’s shooting and explosion that caused a fire at the Crocus concert hall in Moscow left 143 dead and 107 injured. ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack.

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