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Member of Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council: Taliban have not responded positively to Shia’s demands

عضو شورای علمای شیعه افغا‌نستان: طالبان به خواسته های شیعیان پاسخ مثبت نداده‌اند

Seyed Hossein Alami Balkhi, a senior member of the Afghan Shia Ulema Council, says that the Taliban have not responded positively to the demands of the country’s Shiites in the past three years.Mr. Alami said these words today (Monday, 7th of Haut) at the ceremony commemorating the birthday of the 12th Shiite Imam in Kabul.In a video that “Tamdan” TV published in X, Mr. Alami says that “Shia people and the Shia community have always been ready to coordinate and cooperate with this Islamic government or emirate (Taliban), but they also had demands.​

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