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The G20 says a two-state solution is the only way to end the Israeli-Palestinian war

گروه ۲۰ می‌گوید راه‌حل دو کشوری تنها راه برای پایان دادن به جنگ اسرائیل و فلسطین است

The members of the Group of 20, at the summit of this group in Brazil, expressed their concern over the continuation of the war in Gaza and emphasized on a two-state solution to end it.According to Reuters, Brazilian Foreign Minister Maura Vieira said at the end of the group’s meeting on Thursday, February 22, that almost all members of the meeting agreed on a temporary ceasefire and the creation of an independent Palestinian state.He added: “There was consensus on the two-state solution as the only solution to the conflict.”The members of this meeting expressed their deep concern about the war in Gaza and warned about the danger of spreading the conflict in the Middle East.​

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