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Press release of the institution in sync with Afghan journalists

Press release of the institution in sync with Afghan journalists

Radio is known as a traditional listening media and one of the most popular media in the world, Afghanistan is the only country in the region that activated the radio device about a century ago and through radio waves, most people had access to radio programs and the only media Entertainment and information unique to the time was and is.Since a century, radios have found their place among their audience by broadcasting news and various programs and have maintained it until today.According to the information of the Ministry of Information and Culture, there are currently 280 radio stations operating throughout the country.  The leadership board of the organization, together with the journalists of Afghanistan, while appreciating the employees of the radio for raising the level of public awareness for their constant efforts to keep radio devices active, calls for maintaining the position and value of radio as the only media accessible to everyone in the field of information and Reviving the activities of dozens of media that have been inactive for various reasons.​

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