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Afghan-American Teen Arrested in Denver for Allegedly Plotting to Join ISIS

Afghan-American Teen Arrested in Denver for Allegedly Plotting to Join ISIS

An 18-year-old Afghan-American man was arrested in Denver on Wednesday for allegedly plotting to join the Islamic State group (ISIS).

According to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI, Hamza Mashkoor was arrested at Denver International Airport as he was boarding a flight to the United Arab Emirates. He was reportedly planning to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

The complaint alleges that Mashkoor had been communicating with ISIS members online for several months. He had expressed support for the group and had discussed his desire to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS Mashkoor was charged with attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization. He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday  

The arrest of Mashkoor is a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by ISIS. The group has been active in Afghanistan since the Taliban took control of the country in August 2021.

ISIS has targeted Afghan civilians, including Shiites, Hazaras, and women and girls. The group has also carried out attacks against international forces and organizations.

The U.S. government has been working to counter ISIS in Afghanistan. The U.S. military has conducted airstrikes against ISIS targets, and the U.S. government has provided training and assistance to Afghan security forces.

However, the threat posed by ISIS remains significant. The group is likely to continue to carry out attacks in Afghanistan, and it is also possible that ISIS fighters will travel to other countries to carry out attacks.

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