Two Men Killed in Parwan and Logar

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – Local officials confirm that two men were killed in two separate incidents in Parwan and Logar provinces.

“A man was shot dead due to family hostility in the first security district of Charikar city in Parwan on Wednesday,” Mohammad Kamran Habibi, a spokesman for the provincial police chief, told Baano TV

On the other hand, officials at the Logar Police Headquarters also confirm that a driver of a high-speed vehicle on the Kabul-Logar highway was killed by unknown men.

The incident took place before noon today (Thursday) in the Qala-e-Juma area of ​​the provincial capital, and the driver of the car died at the hospital after being injured, according to Ahmadullah Anas, a spokesman for the Logar police chief.

In addition, some witnesses to the incident say that this person was killed after a verbal argument with armed robbers who wanted to steal his car.

Meanwhile, the officials at the Logar Police Headquarters report the arrest of four gunmen with some cash in connection with the murder of this person.