The Tabassum (3) Charity Bakery Opens in Western Kabul

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – The Tabassum (3) charity bakery was opened in the west of Kabul today (Sunday, January 30).

The bakery, which provides free bread to the people, has started operating in the Ziba Shahrak of Qala-e Qazi, in the 13th district of Kabul.

“This bakery was started with the financial support of the Hazara Association in Geelong City, Australia, a German mosque, and by some other well-meaning people,” the organizers of the bakery told Baano TV.

Abdullah Hemmati, the general director of the Hazara Foundation in Kabul, said the bakery is supposed to distribute bread to 120 families in need daily.

The bakery covers homeless families and those whose caregivers are disabled or paralyzed.

In addition, locals welcome the program and want it to spread to different parts of Kabul.

However, Sayed Abdullah Mousavi, a representative for 61 district, says the poverty in the area is so great that even dozens of such programs cannot tackle the growing poverty and misery in the area.

Moreover, he calls on national and international agencies to take the hand of the needy people in these difficult times.

Meanwhile, the Tabassum (1) and Tabassum (2) bakeries have been operating in western Kabul for the past two months, distributing free bread to about 700 families daily.