Taliban Warns Ulema Council in Jaghuri to Prevent Women From Traveling Without Male Companions

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Sources in Ghazni say the Taliban have warned the Ulema Council in the Jaghuri district to prevent women without Mahrams – or male companions – from appearing in public.

Reliable sources in the Jaghuri district told Baano TV that the Taliban’s virtue promoters had issued the warning after meeting with members of the Ulema Council in Jaghori on Friday afternoon (June 24th).

According to sources, the meeting between the Ulema Council and the Taliban was held in the presence of some residents in Anguri village.

The Taliban have warned at the meeting that they will no longer tolerate women who don’t wear the hijab and those who appear in public without their male companions.

Meanwhile, Jaghuri residents say that all women have worn the hijab in the past, and that the Taliban are using these as an excuse to prevent girls from going to educational institutions.

Most girls in Jaghuri district have turned to training centers, even after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.