Taliban Officials Stress on Amnesty

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – While Balkh residents are concerned about the interrogation of Taliban forces, the deputy ministers of defense and interior affairs of the Taliban in Balkh say anyone who misuses the Taliban name will be punished.

Mohammad Fazel Akhund, Deputy Minister of Defense, and Rahmatullah Najib, Deputy Minister of Intelligence of the Taliban, who have been meeting with tribal elders and religious scholars in the northern provinces for the past two days, say that no one has the right to harass people and everyone should benefit the amnesty of Taliban.

Sayed Mohammad Ali, a resident of Samangan province who came to Balkh to meet with Taliban officials said, “This problem must be solved, the problems of abusing the name of the Taliban-led government and interrogating people.”

Meanwhile, many Balkh residents say that low-ranking Taliban members do not believe in amnesty and always harass people and interrogate former security personnel and staff as they wish.

It is worth mentioning that the two-day meeting of Taliban officials with the elders of Balkh took place away from the eyes of the media, and the Taliban Information and Culture Department for Balkh shared the purpose of these meetings with the media today (Monday, January 10).