Taliban Brings Changes in the Fiscal Year

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – The Taliban acting government has approved the budget of the new fiscal year at a cabinet meeting.

At the meeting, determining the fiscal year and reviewing the draft budget annex prepared by the Ministry of Finance were among the important issues on the agenda of the cabinet session.

The cabinet gathering of the Taliban on Monday, January 10, decided that the beginning of the new fiscal year should be changed from the month of Jadee (Capricorn) to the beginning of Hamal (Aries) month.

On the other hand, the draft budget for the three months Jadee, Dalwa, Hoot (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) of 1400 was approved without any changes in this meeting.

Moreover, the cabinet of the Taliban has said that for the first time the country will be funded without foreign aid, based on domestic resources.

It is worth mentioning that various issues, including the import of oil and gas, were also discussed at the cabinet meeting.