Taliban Bans Bodybuilding Athletes to Wear Particular Sport Uniforms in Ghazni Province

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Local sources in Ghazni province have reported that the Taliban group has banned bodybuilding competitions using the particular sport uniform in the province.

Local sources, however, say that bodybuilding competitions were held on Monday at the Olympic Stadium in the center of the province, but the Taliban opposed wearing the uniform.

According to sources, the competition was attended by more than 60 bodybuilding athletes from eight sports clubs from across the province.

At the end of these competitions, the best athlete will be introduced to compete for membership in the national bodybuilding team of the country.

Since the Taliban have seized control of the country, they have imposed severe restrictions on the citizens. Taliban has been against any value that is common and usual in today’s time.

The group has been investing all the resources to fight against any human society development that leads towards betterment and enhancement.