Kabul Women Protested over Faizullah Jalal’s Arrest

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Kabul – A bunch of women marched in support of Kabul University professor Faizullah Jalal, who was detained by the Taliban yesterday, demanding his release.

Today (Sunday, January 9th) women protesters chanted slogans such as “The voice of professor Jalal is the voice of the people” and demanded the release of this university professor and political expert.

Protesters called his detention illegal and stifling of freedom of expression saying, do not detain or torture anyone for telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International also demanded his unconditional release yesterday after the Taliban arrested him.

Faizullah Jalal, a law professor at Kabul University, sharply criticized the Taliban during a live TOLOnews discussion in Kabul on November 21 with Mohammad Naeem Wardak, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that he is a fanatical man saying, he had been taken into custody for commenting on some of his criticisms and posts on social media.