Food Shortages in Behsud Districts: Mohammad Ali’s Family Is at a Dead-End

این مطلب را با دوستان تان شریک سازید

Residents of the first and second districts of Behsud in Maidan Wardak province told Hasht-e Subh that this year is a challenging one for the residents of the two districts. They claim that this year, residents of Behsud have not experienced peace, adding that successive political-security events have robbed them of all job opportunities.

Nematullah Nouri, a representative from Nahurak village, described destitution in Behsud as worrying. He claims that 80 to 85 percent of Behsud residents need immediate food aid, and if they are not helped, there will be a humanitarian catastrophe. Nouri added that despite media reports of cash and food donations from aid organizations and charities in Maidan Wardak province, no assistance had been received in their 120-family village.

Mahram Ali, a resident of Hessa I (first part) of Behsud, who struggles with extreme poverty and misery these days, has a sad story of destitution. He spends day and night in a humble home with his family, most of whom are young children. About a month ago, he sold two of his sheep as the last commodity in the world to survive for a few days. During his speech, his hands are involuntarily raised to the sky, asking those who can afford it to take his hand and that of his hungry children.

There are countless people, who like Mahram Ali, have run out of bread and food.

Hunger is also evident in the second district of Behsud. These days, as the dollar rises in the market and the price of raw materials rises in the countryside, these conversations have become more dangerous and the concern for bread more troubling than ever.

Mohammad Mohammadi, a resident of Gharghara village in the second part of Behsud, told Hasht-e Subh that poverty and unemployment had taken away his entire existence after the recent developments. He adds that his father is weak and incapacitated and, his mother suffers from a chronic illness. His two sisters also live with him and have no job or income. Mohammad is also unaware of the humanitarian aid and assistance provided by aid agencies in Behsud, saying that he has not received any aid so far.

Behsud districts of Maidan Wardak province, meanwhile, have been adventurous in recent years due to their special geographical location. The conflict between nomads and residents and the activities of the Resistance Front in these districts have made Behsud a frequent name on the Afghan news pages, especially this year when the district witnessed irregularities and insecurities. Recent political developments in the country and rising prices of raw materials in the markets are the causes of poverty in Behsud.