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Baano Radio and Television Network (Baano Media Group) brings new hope to the female journalist of the country, so they can be part of the media world once again. Baano Media Group with provision of stable job opportunities is committed to grow and expand and facilitate more job opportunities for female journalists. Ladies can become part of this Television Network and can help create job opportunities for other ladies, and provide facilitation for self-growth as well.

The founder of Baano Media Group has worked with different departments of domestic and international media and has extensive media exposure with domestic and foreign media organizations and brings a solid resume of 25+ years of relevant experience. The team is out of good natured action, created Baano Media Group because in the past decade the lack of a special and targeted media for women between the afghan medias were creating a noticeable void. Therefore, with consideration that this need is urgent, BTN started activities for the purpose of further motivating and inspiring female journalists and reporters.


We have hourly news bulletin in the evening covering news from Afghanistan & international. We have our reporters which are covering exclusive news for the channel & our news team are giving priority to topics related to women. We also have subscription from the major News Agencies which are providing us news & footage for general news.


Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women & mothers and this education leads to social change and advantages for whole family. Having an educated mother in developing countries is more important than ever because if a mother is well educated with the knowledge gained from education whole family & her children will see their empowered mother as a role model for their own lives. We believe that today television is a best method to deliver educational content for women; with our educational shows & content women get empowered.


We are grantee the entertainment unlimited for our viewers and we broadcast Turkish, Hindi, English and other international shows for our viewers. We also broadcast our own local production shows for entertainment & infotainment purpose such as morning show, evening shows, Afghan Dramas, music shows and etc.



Advertise with BAANO MEDIA

Baano TV has created and facilitated – opportunities for businesses and other types of advertisements for its customers. Business advertisements and announcements will only be broadcasted in compliance with the countries laws and regulations pertaining to freedom of – broadcasted speech, democracy and Afghan culture without compromising a person's dignity, ethnics, and national beliefs.

For more info on Marketing and sales please write to us at or call us in following numbers: 0705000080 , 0730994042 , ‭078 222 2283‬



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Television has entertained and educated the public for generations. It has also served as a vital platform for the United Nations to inform citizens on issues of global reach. In an era in which fake news and hate speech are all too widespread, the need for trustworthy television is more important than ever. The United Nations is counting on broadcasters worldwide to invest in serious, quality content for viewers, to promote understanding and tolerance to help us build a better world for tomorrow.

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